Branchless Banking

NIBL has deployed a Branchless Banking System that is capable of providing Retail Banking features such as Cash Deposit/Withdrawal, Bill Payments, Fund Transfers and Inquiries to the NIBL Customers.

Branchless Banking is an economical channel for delivering financial services without relying on the traditional bank branches. Branchless Banking provides basic banking services through NIBL Agents having Bio-metric POS devices (with finger print scanner). Branchless Banking customers are also provided with NIBL VISA Card, which along with their finger prints can be used to avail services through the POS.


The Branchless Banking Service can be availed by New Customers by enrolling to this system and opening account with NIBL or availed by existing customers by simply enrolling to this system. Branchless Banking Services will be provided only in VDCs.


NIBL Branchless Banking Form



Branchless Banking Flow


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