Mobile Application (Device) Based




Registering to Device Based NIBL OTP

1. Login to then click on eBanking Logo

It will redirect you to eBanking Login page.

2. On the menu bar, new OTP Menu will appear

3. Click on OTP Menu and then click NIBL OTP Registration

4. Click on Fetch Details to view the provided Mobile Number and Email Id during account opening process.

5. Check if the displayed Mobile Number and Email Id is correct.

6. Choose the desired Authentication Mode.

Authentication Mode

SMS Based

Device Based


7. Click on Confirm button

8. Enter the Transaction Password

Successfully registered to NIBL OTP


Generate Activation Code

After the registration is completed , user needs to generate the activation code to use OTP for ebanking transaction.

1. Login to NIBL eBanking


2. Click on OTP Menu


3.Click on Generate Activation Code

4. Select the desired mobile number and email id for receiving OTP.

The following mesaages are received


In Email:


5. Click on Download NIBL OTP App

6. Enter the Received Activation Code and click confirm.

7. Enter your desired 4 digit MPIN and click confirm.

8. Click Download Application

9. Download the appplication on to your Personal Computer  (Download Folder)

10. Transfer the file from Personal Computer to Mobile Phone then Install it (using Bluetooth , Data Cable etc.)


To generate the OTP

1. Enter 4 digit MPIN to initialize the application. Enter same 4 digit MPIN to generate OTP.          



Transaction using Device Based OTP

(Example Third Party Trasfer)

1.  Click on Tranfers Menu

2. Enter the details.

3. Generate OTP in Mobile Application, by entering the 4 digit MPIN.      


4. Enter the OTP and Password and click OK.




Switch User

To change the Authentication Mode from Device Based to SMS Based. Device Mode will show the menus as Generate Activation Code, Download NIBL OTP Apps etc.

Click Switch User to change the Authentication Mode from SMS Based to Device Based. SMS Mode will show the menus as Switch User only.


Sync Counter

When user generates more than 10 OTPs  and is not used then the following error message appears. In such cases the OTP service needs to be synced.

Process for SYNC the UserId

  1. Generate the OTP in mobile.

  1. Login  to eBanking and click OTP Menu and click Sync Counter.

  1. Enter the OTP generated and click confirm.

  1. Message of Sync Request Initiated Appears.


Error Handling

Case 1 : Entered Code in ebanking OTP code is differ than generated Code on apps .

Generated OTP 088658 but entered 088678 so following error appears.