Why work with us

Work Culture

To develop a customer centric work culture with special emphasis on customer care and convenience, the Bank ensures a highest level of integrity to our customer, creating an ongoing relationship of trust and confidence. We treat our customers with honesty, fairness and respect. We also value our employees and think it is our most valuable asset. We respect the worth and dignity of individual employees who devote their careers for the bank. We strongly believe that in investing in the development of our human resources would ultimately result in competent, confident and committed workforce.


We believe that our success and competitiveness depends upon our ability to embrace diversity and realize the benefits of treating all stakeholders with care, appreciation and respect. We value diversity in our workforce. While hiring and promoting employees, we don’t distinguish between the gender, race, religion or age group. We have proportionate number of male and female staffs. Female employees are head of several departments and branches.

Team Work

Team work means to work together for a common purpose with full trust on team members. NIBL believes in team work and feels that loyal and motivated team can produce extraordinary results. The credit for the success of this bank goes to the team work of staff members working in close cooperation of each other.We give opportunities to our staff to work at cross-functional levels and learn new skills working with different people.