Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman


Dear Shareholders,

I am pleased to report that our Bank has had another strong year in this highly competitive and demanding business environment. With 34 years of experience in the banking industry, our Bank has delivered steady results and advanced into a leading position in the industry.

With a solid foundation of capitalization, the highest among private sector banks, we are committed to create long term value for our shareholders. Our Bank has NPR 27 billion Paid-up Capital and Assets worth more than USD 1.5 Billion, which is well above the minimum regulatory requirement. Our returns to shareholders has remained resilient thus reflecting a growing investor’s confidence. In the year 2018 we were the recipients of “Nepal’s Best Bank” award by Euromoney Awards for Excellence. NIBL had maintained a consistent rating of [ICRANP-IR] A from ICRA Nepal (International Credit Rating Agency – Nepal) since 2009. We will continue to pursue our strategy of augmenting financial growth through effective marketing, partnerships and acquisitions that would benefit our core business. Furthermore, we are committed to deliver excellent service to our customers and achieve our vision of being the best provider of financial services across the country. One of our key priorities has been to create a larger number of touch points in terms of number of branches and other channels, reaching out to a larger clientele. NIBL has been catering to its customer from 87 branches, 124 ATMs, 17 extension counters, 10 revenue collection counters and 56 branchless banking counters. We understand that technological solutions are transforming value chains across delivery channels. We will continue to invest in multichannel digital payment platforms like e-banking and mobile banking to deliver convenient banking transactions to our customers. Our cards and payments business continues to produce good levels of income, while managing risk effectively. NIBL has deployed 3,294 Point of Sale (PoS) terminals under our network across the country for acquiring Visa, MasterCard and NIBL's own proprietary card. NIBL’s merchant banking subsidiary, NIBL Capital acquired Ace Capital, the subsidiary of Ace Development Bank and started joint operations as NIBL Ace Capital on February 11, 2018.

Our CSR programs reflect the bank’s business culture and core values that focus on key areas of social engagement for mutual benefit. As a leading bank in the country, we recognize both the opportunity and the responsibility to take a lead role in contribute back to the society in which we operate. The Bank has committed to support preservation and restoration of various of national heritage sites through strategic partnerships with organizations like PADT, KVPT, World Monument Trust. Such philanthropic CSR activities has created a strong brand image and positioned us as a leader in promoting heritage conservation. Our Bank will continue to support various social activities that are linked to the welfare of our local and national communities. We have taken the responsibility to ensure that the outreach of our product and services are inclusive that provide financial access to rural communities of the country.  We will continue to engage in long term relationship at the grassroots and endeavor to make a positive impact in the society through our CSR collaborations.

To support the Bank’s growth strategy, we need to make sure we have the right people in right places with the skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional performance. We have developed a talent strategy which will play a key role in ensuring that we have a motivated team with innovative mind-set effectively implementing our strategic initiatives. Our teams are empowered to engage with our clients, harness new product and business opportunities, while maintaining a firm commitment to compliance and risk management. We have strong foundations in place for achieving significant financial performance required to deliver value to our shareholders against the backdrop of challenging operating and market conditions. We have been able to sustainably generate returns for our shareholders and we are in a strong capital position to support our capacity for future growth. We will continue to retain our balance sheet strength to prepare ourselves to seize future opportunities that would benefit our core business. I thank all our stakeholders for your continued confidence in us as we make significant progress towards the achievement of our strategic goals and objectives.


Prithivi B. Pande