32 AGM Press Release

Kathmandu, January 13, 2019– The 32nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Nepal Investment Bank Ltd (NIBL) held on 13 January, 2019 (29 Poush 2075) at Rastriya Sabha Griha, Kathmandu decided to distribute 40 % dividend - 18 % stock dividend and 22 % cash dividend - on its total paid-up capital to the shareholders.


During the year, NIBL earned Operating Profit of NPR 4.95 billion as compared to previous year 4.68 billion. The Net Profit of the Bank for FY 2074-75 is NPR 3.65 billion. NIBL’s Paid-up capital will reach NPR 12.58 billion (after issue of 18% Bonus Share for FY 2074-2075). In FY 2074-2075 NIBL’s deposits have increased by 11.45 %, reaching NPR 140 billion. Total lending of the bank increased by 14.44 % reaching NPR 120 billion. The NPA ratio of the bank is at 1.36 %.


The bank has more than 9 lakhs customer base catered from its 78 branches, 8 extension counters across the country. NIBL has a network of 109 ATMs and leads a consortium 14 Visa Associate banks and 7 NPN member banks.


During the fiscal year 2074-2075, NIBL Capital Markets Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of Nepal Investment Bank Limited acquired Ace Capital Limited to form NIBL Ace Capital Limited. It has become Nepal’s largest merchant bank to have paid-up capital of NPR 27 million with its branches located at Laldurbar, Lagankhel, Pokhara, Butwal, Birgunj and Biratnagar.


NIBL is the only bank in the country to have received the “Bank of the Year Award” five times from Financial Times Group’s The Banker, a UK based Bank magazine. It also received the “Euromoney Award for Excellence- the Best Bank 2018” and received a credit rating [ICRANP-IR] A+ from ICRA Nepal.


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