NIBL MediCash Card

NIBL MediCash card is a healthcare VISA Prepaid card accepted at all POS terminal in India. This card is specially designed to meet Healthcare requirement and other necessary services including travel, accommodation and assistance while travelling to India.


NIBL MediCash Card offers complete medical support while you are in India ensuring your stay period (treatment period) becomes smooth and the attendant can focus on patient rather wasting time in managing other basic things. All these services & facilities are managed under Medical Concierge Service.


Offerings under Medical concierge Service:

  • Airport Pick up through Ambulance – In case patient is critical : At Major cities/Hospital this service is free of cost.
  • Appointment Booking with Doctor and Hospitals
  • Personal Assistance at the time of Hospitalization and Discharge at Hospital
  • Road and AIR Ambulance Service for patient transfer
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation Service
  • Discounted Medicine delivered at your door step
  • Doctor visit service at your door step
  • Nursing service at your door step


Mandate Information :

  • To perform POS transaction ATM Pin is mandate in India thus carry ATM Pin number while travelling to India.
  • No Cash withdrawal will be allowed from NIBL MediCash Card in India.
  • It is mandate to inform E-Meditek Global before travelling to India for availing card benefits including discount at network service providers.
  • Incase Customer need any assistance while in India they can call NIBL Medicash Helpline Number or write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Phone Numbers

(While calling from Nepal): +0091- 124-4149717 &

(While calling from India): 1800-103-4585 (Toll free Number)


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