College Debit Card

College Debit Card is one of the first schemes in Nepal to incorporate the functions of Debit Card in students’ College ID Card. Students will be facilitated with NIBL bank account and NPN Debit Card cum College ID Card with unique features that will enable them to use the card as a Debit Card, Student ID Card, and Discount Card.



Discount Merchant List



  • Benefits of Debit Card in Student ID Card
  • Discounts at various retail outlets by simply showing College Debit Card.


Benefits for College

  • Student Fee Payment Benefits:
    • Receive student bill/ canteen bill payment from students directly into bank account through Point of Sales Terminal, e-Banking, Mobile Banking, and Bank Counter.
    • Receive student fee on time for better cash flow and increased interest income, through Standing Instruction Payments from students and guardians.
    • Minimize administrative cost, cash insurance/ handling cost and time.
    • Transparency on transactions
    • Mitigate risk of loss from theft/ robbery in cash transaction
    • Mitigate human errors resulting from cash transactions
  • Marketing & Branding Benefits:
    • Branding on College Debit Card and many other promotional mediums including NIBL Website, bulk email, etc. that will be reached to more than 550,000 NIBL customer base.
    • Gain competitive edge by providing tech savvy banking facilities for students.
  • Be a part of national Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative to promote banking and financial literacy within youths of Nepal.
  • Bar code facility for library, attendance etc.


Benefits for Students

  • Easy access to bank account at minimum balance of Re. 1 with advanced technologies for payments of College bills, Utility payments such as NTC and Ncell payments
  • Easy and simple way of making payment of goods and/or services purchased at various merchants through NIBL NPN College Debit Card.
  • Inculcate saving habits, manage funds and budgeting.
  • Discounts at various outlets.


Scheme Facilities




Ezee Student Savings

Surakshya Bachat Khata

Karmachari Bachat Khata/ Afnai Bachat Khata

Minimum Balance

NPR 1/-

NPR 5,000/-

NPR 5,000/- (NPR 1/- for Afnai Bachat Khata)

Debit Card*

Co- branded NPN Debit Card with Student ID

Co- branded NPN Debit Card with Staff ID

VISA Debit Card

Term Life Insurance


FREE Life Insurance of NPR 100,000 & Accidental Death Insurance of NPR 200,000



Discount at various retail merchants

Discount at various retail merchants

Discount at various retail merchants

Cash Withdrawal

Withdrawal of cash through NIBL and Member Banks ATM

Withdrawal of cash through NIBL and Member Banks ATM

Withdrawal of cash in India & Nepal

Any Branch Banking Service (ABBS)






FREE for first year


SMS Banking

Nominal Fee

Nominal Fee

Nominal Fee

Mobile Banking (mBanking)




365 Days Banking/ Evening Counters




Draft and SWIFT Transfer

50% Waiver





ATM List

NPN College Debit Card Cardholders can withdraw cash through any Nepal Investment Bank’s ATM and also through ATMs of Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.’s Member Banks listed below (Charge NPR 20 on Cash Withdrawal):


1. Agriculture Development Bank Limited

2. Bhrikuti Development Bank Limited

3. Business Universal Development Bank Ltd

4. Century Commercial Bank Limited

5. Yeti Development Bank Ltd.

6. Civil Bank Limited

7. Fewa Finance Limited

8. Gandaki Bikas Bank

9. Garima Bikas Bank Ltd.

10. Global IME Bank

11. Guheshwori Merchant Banking and Finance Ltd

12. H & B Development Bank Ltd.

13. Kumari Bank

14. Mission Development Bank Limited

15. Muktinath Development Bank Ltd.

16. Narayani National Finance Limited

17. Nepal Finance Limited

18. Nepal Industrial Development Corporation Limited

19. Om Finance Limited

20. Rastriya Banijya Bank

21. Sanima Bank

22. Sewa Bikash Bank Limited

23. Shubhechchha Bikas Bank Limited

24. Siddhartha Finance Limited

25. Synergy Finance Limited

26. Tinau Bikas Bank Limited

27. Tourism Development Bank Ltd

28. United Finance Ltd.


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