Credit Card

What is a Credit Card?

A Credit Card is a payment card, which enables you with the option of making purchases on credit. Spend now and pay later! It is a convenient financial management tool. It offers many benefits, however at the same time it also carries many responsibilities to the holder thereof. It provides you with a freedom from the burden of carrying cash. Credit cards have very wide applications, wider than the currency notes and safer than them too!



1. Where are the Cards accepted?

Your Credit Card is accepted at all merchant locations displaying the sign of Visa Cards. Some of our cards are confined to usage within India and Nepal due to the rules and regulation of Nepal Rastra Bank. Please check where your card is accepted and can be used.

2. How often can I use my Card?

You can use your card as often as you wish, provided you do not exceed your pre-set credit limit. Once a card is used, the card limit decreases until the time payment is received from you.

3. How do International Credit Cards work?

An international Credit Card gives you the privilege and flexibility of using a Credit Card instead of heavy cash / traveller's cheques and the billing system is same as stated above.

4. Can I know all the facts related to my Credit Limit?

A Credit Card is always issued with a pre-set limit, which is determined by financial history and the income source of the applicant and also complying with the rules and regulation set by Nepal Rastra Bank. A cardholder is requested not to exceed its limit at any point of time or else further credit may be denied at any merchant location and an excess over limit fee is also charged. In case of cash advance, the limit are assigned 50% of the total limit including cash advance fee as under mentioned.

If it becomes necessary for you to enhance your limit on temporary or permanent basis on events such as travelling on a long vacation, business promotion tour or willing to make a major purchase, you are requested to inform us in writing at least a week prior to your pre-planned tour or purchase.

5. What if I am not able to pay my bill on time?

On the payment due date if you do not have sufficient balance resulting in outstanding due then interest will be charged. This will effect your credit limit as well as your credit history and might create trouble for you while making further transaction. Hence, to avoid such embarrassing circumstances you are requested to make the payment on time.

6. What security measures should I follow to protect my card?

  • Following security aspects should be given due consideration for secure card transaction.
    Affix the signature on the signature panel at the back of the card immediately after receiving the card.
  • Do not give the card or reveal the card number to anyone in any circumstances. (Except to the merchant you are transacting with).
  • Do not sign on blank charge slips.
  • Keep the charge slips till final settlement is made.
  • Do not use the card for mail / telephone order and internet transactions. These are very risky transaction and your card number can be compromised. You will be held liable for all transactions appearing on your card statement.
  • Inform the card issuing bank immediately in case the card is lost/stolen.
  • Please maintain the record of the card number and the telephone number of the Bank separately as the need may arise.

7. What if my Card gets lost or stolen?

In such cases, please inform the Bank or any nearest MasterCard/Visa card agent bank to block the usage and request for replacement immediately.

8. How safe is my Card?

A Credit Card is a safe, secure and convenient financial management tool that offers many benefits. It is important to remember that owning a credit card carries many responsibilities. When used improperly, credit card can get you into trouble.

We hope all the above mentioned information will be useful for our cardholder to manage the usage of their credit card efficiently and to get the maximum possible benefits.


1. Simple

A Credit Card is the simplest and most convenient way to pay for goods/services purchased.

2. Convenience

It makes you get rid with the burden of carrying bulky cash by providing you the convenience to place small plastic money in your wallet.

3. Replacement

In case your cash is lost/stolen, it is almost impossible to recover it but if your card is lost/stolen, you can always block the usage by informing the Bank and get a replacement.

4. Used incase of Emergency

It is very helpful to cope with situations like shortage of cash and handling emergencies.

5. Useful for travelers

If you are a frequent traveler, it is very convenient for you to carry the Bank's International Credit Card and avoid the problems of foreign exchanges.

6. Real Credit

Above all, you can make purchases on a credit term of interest free period of 45 days maximum and 15 days minimum.

Safety tips

  • Sign your card immediately upon receipt of the same.
  • Always sign the card with a ballpoint pen.
  • The moment you get your Credit Card, note down the card number and the emergency contact number of the Bank's Card Center separately. Should you ever misplace your card or it gets stolen, it will be possible for you to immediately report a loss.
  • For security reasons, we advice you to keep a photocopy of the front and backside of the Credit Card with you.
  • Try and memorize the PIN instead of noting it down somewhere.
  • Don't lend your card to anyone. Be well aware of who has access to your cards. If your Credit Card is borrowed by a family member (spouse, child, parent), with or without your knowledge, you are responsible for their purchase/cash withdrawal.
  • Never disclose the card number and PIN number unnecessarily.
  • Take extra care while giving your Credit Card number on the Internet. NIBL Visa Credit Card cannot be used for Phone and Mail transactions.
  • Never leave your card unattended at a shop or restaurant.
  • Make sure the card returned to you at the merchant establishment is yours.
  • When using your card in a merchant establishment, only your signature is needed. Never disclose any other personal details about yourself, be it your address or phone number.
  • Never sign an incomplete sales slip. Make sure it is totaled.
  • Always keep a copy of the bill and the payment slip and ATM receipts for all transactions.
  • Always check your billing statement. Check the purchases and compare it with the bills and receipts in your possession.
  • Keep the phone numbers of the Bank in a place other than the wallet that nest your card. If your wallet gets picked, you won't have to frantically hunt for the emergency number.
  • In case the card is lost or stolen, report immediately.
  • If returning or handing over the card to the Bank, make sure you give it to a bank official and cut it before doing so. That ensures the card can never be used again.
  • Security Measures
  • Due considerations should be given to below mentioned activities for secure transactions:
  • Affix the signature on the signature panel at the back of the card immediately upon receipt of card.
  • Except to the merchant, do not reveal card and card number to anyone at any circumstances.
  • Cards have been restricted for mail / telephone order and Internet transactions as they are risky in nature and the card number can be compromised. You will be liable for all such transactions appearing on your card statement.
  • Please maintain the record of the card number and the telephone number of NIBL separately as the need may arise.
  • Do not disclose your limit and PIN Number to anyone, whatever the situation may be.

Lost or Stolen
In case of lost or stolen, please inform us or any Visa member bank immediately to block the further usage and request for replacement card. Same applies for PIN number too if it has been disclosed to others.Lost /stolen of card can be informed over the telephone but the same has to be reported in writing within three days after the incident.

Terms and Conditions

a. At least be 18 years old.
b. Either Foreign Currency Account or Central Bank Permit or Valid passport for International Card

Documents Required
1. Salary Certificate if salaried
2. Financial Statements if self employed
3. Copy of citizenship/passport
4. Recent photo
5. Duly signed Debit Authority
6. Corporate Guarantee (if required)


Terms and conditions stated hereunder relate to the usage of the Visa Electron Debit/Credit Card by the Cardholder on his/her designated account number(s).

1. The abbreviations used in these terms and conditions shall be constructed as:
a. “Card” means NIBL Visa Debit Card
b. “Bank” means Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.
c. “Cardholder” means who is availing Debit Card facility
d. “ATM” means Automated Teller Machine.
e. “Supplementary Card” means Card issued to your family member or any other person nominated by you
f. “Merchant” means shops/outlets that are authorized to accept Cards as a mode of payment.
g. “POS” means Point of Sale Terminals at Merchant outlets, where the Cardholder swipes the Cards, which are authorized to accept Cards as payment mode.
h. “Card Statement” means statement-containing details of your Card usages.
i. “PIN” means Personal Identification Number, specific to each Cardholder.
j. “Account Number” means the account(s) nominated by the Cardholder that is to be debited for use of Card.

2. The Card is a property of the Bank at all times.

3. The Card is non-transferable.

4. The Bank reserves the rights to seize/cancel the Card so issued to any Cardholder, if found at any date, the information submitted by such Cardholder is false and or the Card has been misused.

5. The Bank shall debit the Account(s) designated by the Cardholder for all transactions initiated including cash withdrawals by using the Card. For this purpose, the Cardholder irrevocably authorizes the Bank to debit his/her Nominated Account(s) with the amount of transaction(s) effected through the use of the Card.

6. The Bank shall debit the Nominated Account(s) for all fees and charges as determined by the Bank relating to the Card and the services thereby provided.

7. In case of Joint Nominated Account(s), all the members shall be jointly and severally responsible for all transactions performed on such Card.

8. The Bank reserves the right to terminate membership, withdraw the privileges attached to the Card or not renew the expired Card at any time and to call upon the Cardholder to surrender the Card.

9. Use of the Card after notice of withdrawal of the privileges or the termination of the membership is fraudulent and may be subject to legal action by the Bank in accordance with the prevailing law.

10. Upon termination of membership or withdrawal of privileges of the Card for any reason whatsoever, the Card shall be returned to the Card Centre within 7 days from the date of receipt of notice. The Cardholder shall be liable for payment of the bills arising out of use of the Card till Card is not surrendered to the Bank.

11. The Cardholder shall provide written instructions to the Bank for the cancellation or non-renewal of the Card one month prior to the expiry date specified in the Card.

12. The Card and PIN issued to the Cardholder are entirely at the Cardholder’s risk and responsibility. The Cardholder shall not disclose the PIN or permit possession of the Card to any other person. The Cardholder undertakes full responsibility for any and all transactions made by the use of the Card whether or not made with his/her knowledge or authority.

13. The Cardholder agrees to inform the Bank in writing regarding lost/stolen, damage of Card and disclosure of PIN. The Cardholder will be held liable for all the transactions received prior to this notification.

14. The Bank reserves the right to limit daily cash withdrawal by the Cardholder and decide on denomination that would be dispensed from Bank’s own ATM

15. The Bank shall not be responsible in any way for non-availability of ATM services or POS terminals at Merchant outlets for any reason whatsoever and howsoever arising as a result of malfunctioning of the Card or ATM or POS, insufficiency of funds in such machines, mechanical or power supply failure or otherwise.

16. The Cardholder accepts that any cash or cheque deposited through Bank’s ATM is solely at the risk and responsibility of the Cardholder and subject to verification and validation by the Bank.

17. Cash or cheque shall be deposited in sealed envelopes with the deposit slip duly filled in. Two officials of the Bank will verify the cash/cheque deposited and if any dispute arises, the Cardholder will be promptly notified. However, count by Bank officials will be accepted as the correct amount deposited by the Cardholder.

18. The Cardholder undertakes to indemnify the Bank and to keep the Bank indemnified against all losses, damages, cost or expenses incurred and sustained by the Bank arising out of Cardholder’s failure to observe any of the terms and conditions herein mentioned.

19. The Bank reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time with prior notice to the Cardholder and such amended terms and conditions shall be binding on the Cardholder.


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