Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIBL), operating under the guidelines set by The Government of Nepal and Nepal Rastra Bank (the Central Bank of Nepal), offers one of the safest and the most secured means of money transfer to Nepal. Remitters can send money to NIBL from any part of the globe through our correspondent banks, exchange houses and banks in the Middle East and using PrithiviExpress, our in-house remittance software.

SWIFT Transfers:
NIBL offers fast and reliable money transfer services through SWIFT. Your bank account with us can be credited with remittance from anywhere in the world. The remitter has to mention the NIBL's SWIFT Address "NIBLNPKT" and the beneficiary details to transfer money to Nepal through us. We cater the need of customers to remit fund anywhere in the world, denominated in major currencies, through SWIFT.

Demand Draft:
We have draft drawing arrangement with our correspondent banks in different countries. NIBL honors bank drafts drawn on/by various international banks denominated in major currencies like US Dollar, Euro, Great Britain Pound, etc.

Cash Management Services:
NIBL provides Cash Management Services in Nepal. Our Bank will help you to collect your bills receivables more efficiently if you are engaged in exporting goods to India. You can enroll yourself for the service and provide details of your buyer in India. Our correspondent bank in India will collect cheque from your buyer and credit your account in a shorter time through us.

NIBL is the authorized agent of leading remittance companies of the world including UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arbia, Malaysia, United States and United Kingdom.


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