Prithivi Remit
Prithivi Remit is an internet based money transfer product introduced by Nepal Investment Bank Limited. It is web based remittance system that is accessible to our branches and domestic as well as international agents. It ensures prompt delivery of the remittance to beneficiaries. Prithivi Remit is monitored and serviced by NIBL Remittance Department to deliver fast and reliable service.

It is a Java (front-end software) based money transfer system that automates inward and outward remittance.  The main features of the product are:
Prithivi Express


Accessibility and Authentication

  • Internet Based Technology, thus easily accessible to all our branches and agents network,
  • Provide real time update on remittance request for prompt processing and delivery of payment,
  • Provide secure and reliable means for accessing the product, uploading the transaction at Remitting Agent end and downloading the transaction at Paying Agent end.
  • Authentication using Digital Certificates, User Name and Password.


Fund Management and Reconciliation

  • Managing of fund replenished by the remitting agent against the remittance applied helps in fund management for the remitting agent.

Currency Conversion

  • Updating exchange rate on daily basis.
  • Quoting deal rate to Remitting Agent.
  • Currency conversion as per the quoted rate.

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