eBanking FAQ

1. Which browsers support NIBL eBanking?

Internet Explorer 5.5 or above, Mozilla 3.0, Opera 9.0, Safari supports NIBL eBanking, however the Back and Forward Button won’t work in eBanking System.


2. Does double clicking inside eBanking page work?

Pressing Double Click in any link inside eBanking will logoff the session. This is a system described feature.


3. How many times can I attempt to login?

The User will get disabled after three wrong login attempts. To reset the login account the customer either needs to contact the Customer Service of the Respective Branch or send a message through eBanking feedback.


4. What are valid special characters that can be used in passwords?

The valid special characters are ! @ # $ % ^ &


5. Which special characters are not supported by the system?

Some special characters not supported by the system are , *, /, -, +, =, |, ~, i, ", ', (, )


6. Is the password case sensitive?

Password is case sensitive - it means, small letters and capital letters will not be treated same.


7. Is the Customer Code (User Id) case sensitive?

User ID is not case sensitive - it means, small letters and capital letters are treated same.


8. What do I do if I want to link new accounts in existing e Banking User Id?

Customer should contact Customer Service Department if they want to link new accounts in existing User-Id.


9. What is the expiry date of a password?

The validity of password is three months. You can change both your passwords online anytime from the eBanking system. Doing this renew the expiry of your password for three months.


10. Can I bookmark NIBL eBanking Login page?

No, you cannot bookmark NIBL eBanking Login page due to security reason. You can however bookmark the NIBL home page www.nibl.com.np


11. How long can the eBanking page be kept idle?

The session timeout is 10 minutes. If you keep the eBanking idle for 10 minutes or more the user will be auto disabled for security reasons. The same rule also applies eBanking login page.


12. What do I do if I want more information regarding eBanking?

If a user wants additional details/process regarding eBanking System

a. They can forward their queries to Relationship Managers through Request or Mail menu in eBanking.

b. They can send feedback from feedback form from login page.


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