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KetaKeti Bachat Khata
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KetaKeti Bachat Khata

KetaKeti Bachat Khata is an account for your children to encourage them to save their money for the future. NIBL offers a child-friendly account with Zero-minimum fee for children below the age of 18 years. Open KetaKeti Bachat Khata for your children and strengthen their financial future while teaching them the importance of financial security.

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  • No Minimum balance (Zero Balance Account)
  • E-Banking facility
  • Mobile Banking
  • Maximum daily withdrawal of NPR 5000
  • For Interest rate, please Click Here

Start early savings with KetaKeti Bachat Khata

Habituate your children to save from an early age with NIBL!
  • With every account opened, get a free contribution of NPR 100 from NIBL
  • Free Any Branch Banking System (ABBS) at NIBL branches within the valley
  • Visa/Master EMV Chip based Debit Card facility valid in Nepal and India
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