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NIBL Recurring Fixed Deposit
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Product Overview
NIBL Recurring Fixed Deposit

On the occasion of 33rd anniversary of the bank, Nepal Investment Bank has introduced “NIBL Recurring Fixed Deposit”. The main objective of this fixed deposit is to socialite small fixed deposit of salaried employees and professionals to encourage force saving and increase stable long term deposit.

  • Monthly Recurring Deposit amount of NPR 333.00 or NPR 1000.00 or on their multiples.
  • Minimum tenure of 1 year or 33 months.
  • Regular deposit of Recurring amount through single Standing Instruction
  • For Interest rate, please Click Here

A Small Investment Can Lead to Bigger Returns!

Give your future a financial roof with NIBL Recurring Fixed Deposit
  • Interest can be transferred on quarterly basis or at maturity
  • Free E-banking facility (Inquiry rights only)
  • Free SMS alert
  • Free Standing Instruction
  • Credit card with 50% waiver on Issuance charge
  • Loan up to 90% of deposit amount can be provided with an additional interest rate
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