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Loan Against Shares
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Loan Against Shares

NIBL’s Loan against Shares aids customers in meeting personal financial requirements to help them in their investments. Customers above the age of 21 years or firms and companies can use this service to invest in shares. The service is also available for individuals holding shares of listed companies.

  • Financing against Ordinary Shares: 70% of average closing price of the share at the latest 120 working days or prevailing market price of the shares, whichever is lower
  • Financing against Promoter Shares: 50% of value of 180 days average price of ordinary shares or last traded price of promoter share, whichever is lower
  • Revolving tenure in case of lending against ordinary shares
  • 1-year tenure in case of lending against promoter shares

Meet your investment requirements with NIBL's Loan against Shares
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